Assorted Scarves with Fringe (24 Pc)

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Assorted scarves with fringe.

24 Pieces in total.

(6) 78”L X 10”W

(orange/beige/black, grey/brown/beige, moss/beige/black, blue/beige/black, purple/beige/black, burgundy/beige/black)

(5) 64”L X 10”W

(blue/green, grey/brown, purple/fuchsia/red, orange/brown/gold, purple/black)

(4) 78”L X 12”W

(fuchsia/red/orange/purple, blue/green/fuchsia, turquoise/blue/purple, fuchsia/turquoise/burgundy/black/red)

(4) 78”L X 12”W

(purple/red/orange, green/orange, black/brown/grey, red/orange/black) 

(5) 78”L X 12”W

(turquoise/teal/purple, red/purple/blue, black/white/grey, red/black/beige, blue/black/purple)

24 pieces for $124.00

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